1. Title slide should contain ISA logo apart from their institutional logo (preferably at right upper corner), the title and the names of all authors mentioned in abstract.

2. Presentation must include the major headings – Introduction, Methods, Statistical analysis, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References

3. Introduction – mention about need for study, aims & objectives, lacunae in existing literature.

4. Methods – mention type and design of study, study location and population, ethics clearance, clinical trial registration number if any, inclusion and exclusion criteria, blinding, randomization, sample size estimation, methodology proper with parameters studied and statistical details.

5. Results – details of demographics, primary and secondary outcome measures, safety profile details, with use of suitable illustrations.

6. Discussion – include inferences from results (not repetition of values), confounding variables, comparison with previous literature, limitations and future scope.

7. Conclusion – to be precise and focused on primary aim of the study. (Do not mention limitations, future scope in or after conclusion slide).

8. References: only pertinent references to be added.

9.Total time allotted for each presentation is 4  mintes only(3 minutes presentation and one minute discussion)

10.Presentation should be done in power point only. Minimum of 5 slides and maximum of 10 slides only are allowed.

11.Each slide should have maximum of 10 lines only.

12.Poster presenters should be present in the venue place during the time allotted for poster presentations


   1.Standard sizes are 36” x 48” and 42” x 56”.

    2. Photographs, text, graphs, results, conclusion, discussion, references etc., are to be placed   systematically to look neatly on a poster.

  3.The above matter should be printed neatly on a flexi sheet.

  4.E-posters are not permitted.

  5.Poster presenters should be present in the venue place during the time allotted for poster presentations.

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